You Can Be Serious

You Can Be Serious - Adrian Nicklin

You Can Be Serious is Adrian Nicklin's book on sports psychology, primarily written for tennis players, but applicable to anyone who plays sports.

To quote from the preface:-

"You Can Be Serious is written for anybody and everybody that loves to play the game of tennis, with the core purpose of helping them become a better, happier and more fulfilled player with a cool, calm and composed manner on court.

As a result, this book is primarily for players, of any age.  But it can double as a valuable resource for coaches and parents of junior players wishing to improve a young player under their tutelage and support.

Whether you are a social club player seeking to add a extra edge, or a performance player who wants to climb to the next level, I am confident you will find the contents of You Can Be Serious valuable.  The methods and exercises I will explain have enabled me to help hundreds of players improve their game - and in many cases enjoy more satisfaction in their life in general."

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