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Adrian Nicklin - sports psychology

If you want to improve your sporting ability and game then I can help you.
Whether it is tennis, golf, rugby, swimming or any other sport I can teach you how to improve your mental game to compliment your tactical awareness, technical skill level and physical ability so you win more often.

You might not have the ability to play like your sporting heroes but you can achieve and have the same mental power as the very best sports people and improve your game.

My Background

I have an Honours Degree in Sports Science, qualifications in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Hypnotherapy, and a Diploma in Life Coaching.

After 20 years of coaching all over the UK, Europe and the Middle East I have decided to share the mental strategies and confidence techniques that saw my clients not only improve their game but win and have a more enjoyable experience.
Over the past five years I have frequently presented at the Annual Scottish Tennis Conferences, on areas of mental strength training within the classroom and on court.

“Over the last 10 years, Adrian Nicklin has become one of Scotland’s leading mental strength trainers. As a trainer, speaker, coach and now bestselling author, he helps his students master the inner game. I have recently presented alongside Adrian in schools. His cool, content rich training materials, align with the curriculum and help students get lasting results”.
Andy McKechnie
Former JCI World Public Speaking Champion

I have worked with all calibre of athletes from those that have competed for their country to those just playing for their own enjoyment. Whether you are a competitive amateur that loves the challenge and achievement of improving your game or you play competitively, my simple and powerful techniques will help you to play with confidence, control and consistency.

I have also worked within primary and secondary schools running CPD training sessions for PE teachers to several local authorities within Scotland, as well as delivering mental and emotional components of the current National and Higher level syllabus to the pupils, within the classroom and the sporting field.
Please watch the Video clip to experience a flavour of my teaching.

What we have all experienced

Coaching a wide range of people and age groups has given me the experience and insight in the importance, impact and difference mental strength, focus and confidence makes to your sport and you as an individual.

All too often we get distracted, lose focus, miss a simple shot and worst of all lose our temper and have a ‘mental meltdown’. We’ve all experienced that moment.

My Vision

Imagine however if you could take control and win with confidence. My mission is to help more people achieve that mental strength and power to not only improve their performance but use it in other areas of their life.

If you’re ready to take up that challenge and improve your game, contact me today and I can help you with individual coaching session, as well as group presentations seminars and workshops, whatever suit your needs!

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Adrian Nicklin

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