Golf Sports psychology

Golf Sports Psychology

You lose TRUST in your game during a round?

You're great on the RANGE, lousy on the COURSE?

Can't MAKE A PUTT when the pressure is on?

Adrian Nicklin - golf psychology

I can help you

Golf is as much about your mental strength, power and abilities as it is your physical abilities.

We’ve all seen even the very best golfers lose focus, lose concentration and become increasingly frustrated. This has a direct and negative impact on their game which is often hard to recover from.

The same mental power

So while you might not have the physical skill or ability to play golf like Rory Mcilroy or Mellisa Reid you can achieve and have the same mental power and control as they do.

“Adrian’s on course exercises reinforce and strengthen the mental side of the game on a practical and fun level. Anyone serious about golf should experience Adrian’s expertise first hand!”
Donald Edwards

After 20 years coaching sports all over the UK, Europe and the Middle East and a dedicated golfer, I have found that it is often us holding ourselves back and preventing ourselves from playing our best game.

Either consciously or unconsciously, you’re preventing you from playing your best game and match. I can help you reverse that trend and help you to exercise and develop your mind in the same way you do your body and golf.

Improving your mental strength and your Golf Game

Our mind can be trained like any other muscle in the body. The more time you exercise it, work on it and use it the stronger, fitter and more powerful it becomes. By exercising and improving your mental fitness and power you will significantly improve your golf game and approach.

  • Increase your focus, concentration and attention
  • Enhance your play on the course
  • Stay focused on playing well and not self-destruct with negative internal comments
  • Increase your confidence and enjoyment of playing
  • Learn how to use these same winning mental techniques in other areas of your life

The 4 C's

We’ll work through the four C’s that underpin sports psychology:

  • Concentration - ability to maintain focus
  • Confidence - to believe in yourself and your abilities
  • Control - ability to maintain emotional control regardless of the distraction
  • Commitment – to continue to improve both your mental and physical skills ability

We use a range of techniques and tools to achieve this including:-

  • How to achieve emotional control
  • How to handle distractions and mistakes
  • How to use positive self-talk to stay focused and win
  • Visualise a positive future and outcome

Having that same focus, level of concentration and mental strength will change the way you play and the type of golfer you are.

To improve your golf game take your first step and contact me today to book your first coaching Session.

As well as delivering individual sessions I can also deliver group presentations, workshops and seminars, whatever suits your needs.

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